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2000 HPC, new rebuild


Picture is of a similar rebuild. However for the one we have listed here we have a HPC motor with only 60.000 km. (also got in a HPC car with less than 10.000 km)  Further it wil be also have some used parts. But everything is checked. Basicly the rebuild is in plain alu with green or black glasfibre, 16"HPC wheels. (but you can choose as we have 13", 14"and !5"wheels in stock. We start the rebuild after it is sold, so a future owner can bring in his wishes. basic price including wipers and weather equipment is 28000 Euro. Painting the car in any colour is also a option. And yes.., we can also fit Zetec or Duratec.



LOTUS ELAN Sprint 2.0 Cosworth OHC 180 BHP, 5 speed.  However we have a Twin Cam engine in parts as spare for a extra 3500. ELAN SPRINT 1971 (5) ELAN SPRINT 1971 (6) ELAN SPRINT 1971 (4) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Lola T8900 HU20, 1989 INDYCAR

€32000 Euro

Indy (62) Indy (5) Indy (3)Indy (1) 1989 Lola Indy car, no engine, driveshafts and calipers. used in Europe on shows.



SAM_5273 (Kopie) - kopie SAM_5266 (Kopie) - kopie SAM_4789 (Kopie) SAM_4804 (Kopie) LOTUS ELITE S1, is now back from the painter, working on it...   a S2 Elite Super 95 is due for rebuild early 2018 and already sold.