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We are rebuilding this Original 1995 LHD Caterham with less than 1000 KM. It came of the former Belgium importer AMS/Johan deBolster and was stored for over 20 years, used as demonstrator on shows in the mid nineties. Never registrated in Belgium. started life with a Ford X-flow, we are now rebuilding it as a HPC. Arch repanneled it, fresh powdercoat and fitted lowered seatfloors. This price is netto worldwide tax free export. UK/EEC  would be 31500 with British Registration, on Dutch registration 32000. And yes, it is including sidescreens, softtop and complete wipers, leather seats. Car is sceduled for February 2019 to be ready. If you are interested you can bring in your wishes.


This beautifull R500 LHD with less than 4000km comes up for sale shortly. The car has all options. IMG-20181016-WA0023 IMG-20181016-WA0017 IMG-20181016-WA0015 IMG-20181016-WA0012

Super Seven 1980, pre Caterham


This LHD 1980 Super Seven was from the period between Lotus and Caterham, came to Holland as live axle, got into a storage after a divorce. Was found 10 years ago and chassis rebuild by Arch and converted to a DeDion with aerofoil front wishbones, special Opel 2.0/16v engine. Ask fo details.IMG-20181029-WA0017 IMG-20181029-WA0018 IMG-20181029-WA0016 IMG-20181029-WA0015 IMG-20181029-WA0013 IMG-20181029-WA0005 IMG-20181029-WA0002 IMG-20181029-WA0001



LOTUS ELAN Sprint 2.0 Cosworth OHC 180 BHP, 5 speed.  However we have a Twin Cam engine in parts as spare for a extra 3500. ELAN SPRINT 1971 (5) ELAN SPRINT 1971 (6) ELAN SPRINT 1971 (4) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Lola T8900 HU20, 1989 INDYCAR

€28500 Euro

Indy (62) Indy (5) Indy (3) 1989 Lola Indy car, no engine, driveshafts and calipers. used in Europe on shows.



SAM_5273 (Kopie) - kopie SAM_5266 (Kopie) - kopie SAM_4789 (Kopie) SAM_4804 (Kopie) LOTUS ELITE S1, is now back from the painter, working on it...   a S2 Elite Super 95 is due for rebuild summer 2019 and already sold.