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Parts for sale

Titanium laser cut grill.


This is a beautifull lasercut titanium grill.


Ford 109E with Cosworth camcover from old Seven S2 #1011


Has 2x 40DCOE Webers and a Cosworth Rockercover, but that is not a guaranty that it is Cosworth... came out Seven S2 #1011   109E Cosworth rockercover (5) 109E Cosworth rockercover (4) 109E Cosworth rockercover (3) 109E Cosworth rockercover (2)

LOTUS Europa parts


SAM_8530 (Large)SAM_8010 (Large)SAM_7952 (Large)SAM_7949 (Large)A few of our Europa parts, we wil list some of these also on Ebay end of Februari. Switch1a   SAM_6590 (Large)SAM_6584 (Large) Afbeelding 262 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Europaparts (4) - kopieAfbeelding 302 - kopie - kopieEuropaparts (3) - kopie - kopie SAM_5763 (Kopie) SAM_3252 [1600x1200]  

Lotus Elan +2 parts


SAM_4125 (Kopie)SAM_4126 (Kopie)plus2 kofferdekselAfbeelding 302 - kopie - kopieSAM_3704 [1280x768]SAM_8628 (Large)SAM_8629 (Large)SAM_8630 (Large) SAM_8408 (Large)   SAM_8466 (Large) SAM_8467 (Large) SAM_8530 (Large)

Caterham parts

Caterham heathed windscreens


SAM_4117 (Kopie)SAM_4118 (Kopie) Heathed-tinted glass for S3 = € 299,  SV = € 349. Price includes postage in the EEC, worldwide postage is 30 Euro extra. Extra fittingservice in your frame including return postage to you within the EEC € 30. If you sent us your screen or only the alu frame with the rubber, we return it with a new glass within a few days. We 've also original laminated non heathed glass for the Seven S4.  120 Euro plus postage. AND YES, we use PAYPAL...      

Caterham fibreglass parts

€see description

SAM_4135 (Kopie)SAM_2444 [1600x1200] SAM_2443 [1600x1200] SAM_2442 [1600x1200] We have for Caterham, but also for the Original Lotus Seven fibreglass parts. Nosecone €245, Rearwing €195, STD Cyclewing €80, Large Cyclewing for 15 and 16" 145, Flared wing €205





  Embleem 60

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Esprit parts



Espritparts (1)SAM_2803 [1600x1200] esprit fillerneck (2)  esprit (8) - kopie esprit (9) - kopieSAM_4127 (Kopie)  

Elan+2 parts

Coventry Climax

Coventry Climax FWpump


SAM_4160 (Kopie) SAM_4158 (Kopie) SAM_4159 (Kopie)

This is also a rare opportunity, usefull as spare or as used in several kinds of (racing) cars.

Twin Cam Ford based parts

1969 TC motor, STD


SAM_4205 SAM_4207 SAM_4212SAM_4196 SAM_4206 SAM_4197   1969 Elan S4 engine in parts so you can check everything, STD bore and probarly als STD sizes on crank, S/E cams.

Early 1500cc Twin Cam block


Very rare and early TC block, bore 80.98 came with us in a batch of parts with Elan #0022. look at pistons and crank sprocket wheel. SAM_0456 SAM_04550022 0022a 0022c

907 onwards parts