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Parts for sale

Titanium laser cut grill.


This is a beautifull lasercut titanium grill.


Ford 109E with Cosworth camcover from old Seven S2 #1011


Has 2x 40DCOE Webers and a Cosworth Rockercover, but that is not a guaranty that it is Cosworth... came out Seven S2 #1011   109E Cosworth rockercover (5) 109E Cosworth rockercover (4) 109E Cosworth rockercover (3) 109E Cosworth rockercover (2)

LOTUS Europa parts


SAM_8530 (Large)SAM_8010 (Large)SAM_7952 (Large)SAM_7949 (Large)A few of our Europa parts, we wil list some of these also on Ebay end of Februari. Switch1a   SAM_6590 (Large)SAM_6584 (Large) Afbeelding 262 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Europaparts (4) - kopieAfbeelding 302 - kopie - kopieEuropaparts (3) - kopie - kopie SAM_5763 (Kopie) SAM_3252 [1600x1200]  

Lotus Elan +2 parts


SAM_9501 (Large) SAM_9504 (Large) SAM_9494 (Large) SAM_9492 (Large) SAM_9488 (Large) SAM_9485 (Large) SAM_9483 (Large) SAM_8964 (Large) SAM_8965 (Large) SAM_9138 (Large) SAM_9167 (Large) SAM_9138 (Large)SAM_4126 (Kopie)plus2 kofferdekselAfbeelding 302 - kopie - kopieSAM_3704 [1280x768]SAM_8628 (Large)SAM_8629 (Large)SAM_8630 (Large) SAM_8408 (Large)   SAM_8466 (Large) SAM_8467 (Large)

Caterham parts

Caterham heathed windscreens


SAM_4117 (Kopie)SAM_4118 (Kopie) Heathed-tinted glass for S3 = € 299,  SV = € 349. Price includes postage in the EEC, worldwide postage is 30 Euro extra. Extra fittingservice in your frame including return postage to you within the EEC € 60. We sent you a postagelabel on request, so you can sent your frame to us. (only in EEC) If you sent us your screen or only the alu frame with the rubber, we return it with a new glass within a few days. We 've also original laminated non heathed glass for the Seven S4.  120 Euro plus postage. AND YES, we use PAYPAL...      

Caterham fibreglass parts

€see description

SAM_4135 (Kopie)SAM_2444 [1600x1200] SAM_2443 [1600x1200] SAM_2442 [1600x1200] We have for Caterham, early and later. Nosecone € 245, Rearwing € 225, STD Cyclewing € 80, Large Cyclewing for 15 and 16" € 145, Flared wing only a few used ones for €120 each.





  Embleem 60

Manuals Partslists


Esprit parts



Espritparts (1)SAM_2803 [1600x1200] esprit fillerneck (2)  esprit (9) - kopieSAM_4127 (Kopie)  

Elan+2 parts

Coventry Climax

Twin Cam Ford based parts

1969 TC motor, STD


SAM_4205 SAM_4207 SAM_4212SAM_4196 SAM_4206 SAM_4197   1969 Elan S4 engine in parts so you can check everything, STD bore and probarly als STD sizes on crank, S/E cams.

Early 1500cc Twin Cam block


Very rare and early TC block, bore 80.98 came with us in a batch of parts with Elan #0022. look at pistons and crank sprocket wheel. SAM_0456 SAM_04550022 0022a 0022c

907 onwards parts