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Re buildservice

Some of you have a Caterham unfinished project, we can finish it for you.

Building, painting etc. we can taking care of. We do this since the eighties. We seen all kinds of Sevens since.

Also if you buy a accident car, we can finish this with ORIGINAL parts. We have a large stock. 

See here our latest complete rebuild, a 1994 HPC.

SAM_0675 (Large) SAM_0662 (Large)SAM_0677 (Large)

SAM_9364 (Large)SAM_1096 [1024x768]SAM_6596 (Large)

We sold a lot of kits in the ninetees, some of them where never finished for whatever reason.

If you have one of those, just give us a call, or mail us. Than we can see what we can do for you. Or just advice you and put you in the right direction.

Further for existing cars, we can strip it and rebuild it complete or partially.

We convert RHD to LHD only when we do a complete rebuild. Just a RHD in Europe wich is on the road would be to expensive to make it LHD.

Does’t matter if you just want to refresh the alu skin of it, than we repannel it, taking care of the chassis.

Converting RHD to LHD… painting or powdercoating the chassis.

We also plan to rebuild a 1988 Dedion car, the 17oo X-flow we sold but we can put in a Vauxhal 1600/8v, ready as LHD € 26000

When ready it comes close to a new car with used parts. leather seats, WE kit included. choice of several wheels 13″, 14″, 15″,16″.

SAM_8165 (Large)

We can also fit another engine to this car if you wish,  ask us for a quote.

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