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1991 CATERHAM 2.0 Zetec on trottle bodies.


We are finishing probarly this June, this 1991 DeDion Caterham with a Zetec 2.0 on trottlebodies. 5 speed gearbox,  leather seats, complete with soft top, heathed windscreen and sidescreens. The seats, carpet, softtop, carbon vinyl sidescreens are 100% new as a lot of other parts. It has also the better new front hubs and stubaxles's. Chassis was repanneled in England, converted to LHD, lowered seatfloors. New fibreglas and all parts checked before fitting again. Car is now LHD on British registration, when we sel it in the EEC we apply for Dutch registration, so for other EEC countries no extra taxes, as since Brexit you have to pay over 25% extra when buying from the UK.  And... it is LHD already. In a few weeks we update these pictures as it should be on its wheels than. When you have questions, just ask them.. AM91zij AM91 (1) AM91 Zetec SAM_1458 (Large)

Caterham/Lotus 7 wallmirror


In my new office is no place for this special handmade wallmirror, lenght 200cm, height 95cm. SAM_2520 (Groot) SAM_2519 (Groot) SAM_2517 (Groot)

LOTUS ELISE 220 Sport 2017 LHD


Elise1_4 SAM_1230 (Large) SAM_1232 (Large) SAM_1233 (Large) 2017-06 facelift, LHD Lotus Elise 220 Sport. 32000 km Prijs is rijklaar in Nederland op Nederlands kenteken, price is including registration on Dutch licence plates, so including all taxes for Holland. If you are from outside Netherlands ask ... Deze auto's gaan zeldzaam worden nu Lotus de productie hiervan stopt. Alle nieuwe zijn inmiddels uitverkocht.  



This is a original LOTUS ELAN Sprint, fitted with a 2.0 OHC 180 BHP Cosworth spec's, 5 speed. SAM_2330 (Large) ELAN SPRINT 1971 (5) ELAN SPRINT 1971 (6)



SAM_5273 (Kopie) - kopie SAM_5266 (Kopie) - kopie SAM_4789 (Kopie) SAM_4804 (Kopie) LOTUS ELITE S1, is now back from the painter, working on it...

Lola T8900 HU20, 1989 INDYCAR

€25000 Euro

Indy (62) Indy (5) Indy (3) 1989 Lola Indy car, no engine, driveshafts and calipers. used in Europe on shows.