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Caterham parts

LHD Carbon dash


Dash Carbon Blank dash New  Carbon fibre dash, LHD  , fits imperial cars 1985 to 2005 and probarly also the metric cars. Ready to fit std dash  € 420 plain dash  € 370

Only 1 SV Caterham heathed windscreen


SAM_4117 (Kopie)SAM_4938 (Kopie) Heathed-tinted glass for S3 = a few, it is slightly thicker wich you have to put in black kit, as with the rubber it is not going.  There is 1 last SV glass = € 349 Price includes postage in the EEC, NO worldwide postage, only EEC. For Caterham 21, we order them, heathed and non heathed. a clear one is in stock. AND YES, we use PAYPAL...      

5 3/4 headlamp H4 units


We have found in our stores a few pairs 5 3/4 LHD headlamp H4 units.  we sell these a per 2 as a set for 165 Euro. incl. the H4 bulb and pilot lamp. 534 (5) 534 (1)

LED numberplate light


12v LED numberplate light For, Lotus, Caterham, Landrover, Morgan and many more   SAM_2947 SAM_2946

Stock is ending; Caterham wheelcenterbadge


We can only sell what is in stock, so ask if we 've what you are looking for. Only 40mm wheelcenters in stock   Found still some 50 and 60 mm.... 50 = 35 euro,  60 = 45 Euro These are special domed sticking badges 40 mm . Indeed, the inside decals are chroom... SAM_1460 (Large) SAM_1458 (Large) SAM_1457 (Large) SAM_1455 (Large) Price 40mm = 15 Euro (set of 4 = 55)     Registratet mail in the EEC is now 7 Euro, outside the EEC is 10 Euro. this is depending on when and how... registrated comes from our Poland office, if urgent we can sent from our Dutch office for 18 Euro

Caterham fibreglass parts

€see description

SAM_4135 (Kopie)SAM_2444 [1600x1200] SAM_2443 [1600x1200] SAM_2442 [1600x1200] We have for Caterham, early and later. Ask…  

Caterham DeDion parts

Fuel pump repair kit

SAM_0135 SAM_0133 Fuelpump repairkits for Rover and Vauxhall intank pumps yea 1991 to  2005 We sent these worldwide, we accept Paypal

DeDion tube imperial cars


New for all DeDion Sevens 1991 to 2005 For the older 1991 ...  you also need to fit another A-frame. SAM_3214 SAM_3215 SAM_3217 SAM_3218

3.92 Caterham dif


Came from a Caterham and was reconditioned for this car. we changed this to this car for a dif with LSD IMG_20210904_100943_resized_20220215_035135257 IMG_20210904_100927_resized_20220215_035243907 IMG_20210904_100932_resized_20220215_035213055

Set of 5, DeDion 6x13 wheels


5 wheels 6 x 13, original Caterham. So it fits also at the rear on DeDion cars. Yokohama tyres PCD 4x 108 (so not liveaxle)SAM_3177 SAM_3173

Caterham S3 softtop hood


Very good Caterham S3 softtop/hoodDakg4 DakH


SAM_8784 (Large) SAM_2151 [800x600]

Caterham Live axle parts

Classic top arms, good condition


This pair is in good health, these where fitted with a grease niple, of wich one is missing. set comes with 2 new bushes, the dustcovers/ gaitors are missing. Lotus 7, Caterham 7  and Lotus Elite (climax)   SAM_3224 SAM_3225 SAM_3226 SAM_3227SAM_3226

1600 Academy Vauxhall without the sump and carbs.


This engine came of a running Academycar of 2001 and in the car we put a 2.0 16v, therefore we used the sump and is this engine without sump and carbs. as seen in the pictures sealed.SAM_9724 (Large) SAM_9726 (Large) SAM_9727 (Large)

Lotus 7 parts

Donkervoort parts



  Embleem 60

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LOTUS Elan parts

Weber TC engine on 711M Mexico block


wad waddinxveen waddd This TC is build on ha 711M block and when i see the sump i think it was a Mexico block.

Lotus Elan+2 parts

Lotus Elan +2 parts


SAM_9501 (Large) SAM_9504 (Large) SAM_9167 (Large) SAM_4126 (Kopie)plus2 kofferdekselSAM_8628 (Large)SAM_8629 (Large)SAM_8630 (Large)     SAM_8467 (Large)

Lotus Europa parts

LOTUS Europa parts


SAM_7949 (Large)A few of our Europa parts, we wil list some of these also on Ebay end of Februari. Switch1a   SAM_6590 (Large)SAM_6584 (Large) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   SAM_5763 (Kopie)  

Lotus Esprit parts



SAM_2803 [1600x1200] esprit fillerneck (2)  esprit (9) - kopieSAM_4127 (Kopie)  

Lotus Elite Type 14 parts

Coventry Climax parts

Lotus Elite/Eclat parts

Lotus Twin Cam Ford based parts

Early 1500cc Twin Cam block


Very rare and early TC block, bore 80.98 came with us in a batch of parts with Elan #0022. look at pistons and crank sprocket wheel. SAM_0456 SAM_04550022 0022a 0022c

Lotus 907 910 912... parts


Revolution 6x13


2 Revolution wheels, 2x 6x13 SAM_9444 (Large)